AltaFeedbackTM is an effective, low-cost motivational and problem-solving tool for your store-level personnel. 
Play the video above for a brief overview.


  • Set up with the assistance of your Alta360 Research Account Manager
  • Provides instant feedback at the question level, triggered by the question's answer
  • Feedback is active on the questions you designate
  • Feedback content is created and locked by you, and can be changed or edited quickly
  • Use to reinforce positive outcomes and to offer guidance, coaching, and/or helpful resources when results are negative


  • Feedback is provided instantaneously
  • Store personnel recognize the importance of key questions
  • Information about corporate standards and support for improving performance comes directly from program administrators—free from edits or alteration
  • Once set up, the program operates automatically, with little ongoing maintenance required by you


Offered as an enhancement to completed mystery shop or audit surveys, AltaFeedbackTM helps your field management and store-level personnel grasp the importance of key survey questions, increases buy-in, and gives them instant coaching and feedback.

What is it? AltaFeedbackTM is responsive, question-level feedback, created by you and active for the survey questions you designate. Triggered by a question’s answer, either positive or negative, AltaFeedbackTM can be used to recognize and reinforce positive results, or provide guidance and resources for improvement when results are negative.

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