POP Installs / Audits

OverviewPOP Installs and Audits

Alta360 Research can handle large-scale installations of signage, credit card applications/holders and other Point of Purchase (POP) materials correctly, on time, and with photographic documentation that verifies the work completed. We also perform on-site audits of POP materials to report if they are present, installed correctly and in good condition.


  • Field independent contractors who are knowledgeable of your POP program specs
  • Photographic documentation of work completed or POP audited
  • Large and small project management experience
  • Install, Audit, or hybrid program options
  • Instant reporting on your customized Celestial Reporting & AnalyticsTM platform
    • Client branded
    • Custom reporting options
    • Mobile-ready reporting
    • ActionManagementTM - Action Plan Dashboard
    • Control what information is available to users


  • Ensures your POP investment is being properly utilized
  • Use your internal sales data to compare sales performance at locations
    where POP is present and installed correctly vs. locations that score 
    poorly on POP audits.
  • Relieve your site employees from the burden of installing and 
    maintaining POP materials


Using a network project-knowledgeable field independent contractors, Alta360 Research can efficiently install point of purchase (POP) materials both inside and outside your store locations. With our experience coordinating all kinds of field work, we have the organizational, reporting, and photo documentation procedures needed to verify that your POP is installed to spec and investments in POP materials are paying off.

Alta360 Research also coordinates on-site audits of POP materials to report if they are present, installed correctly and in good condition. These POP audits can be hybrid programs in which our field personnel, after completing the audit, are authorized to take corrective action by installing missing POP and/or making sure all POP is up to spec before leaving the site.

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