We've Rebranded!

RItterAssociates is now Alta360 Research. Welcome!

Published Monday, July 13, 2015 11:00 am

RitterAssociates is now Alta360 Research. Welcome!

Although we have a *new name and a new look, we're still the same great company and your Operations and Scheduling contacts will not be changing. Note also that your current username and password are still the same. Also, after you log-in, your shopper homepage will still look and function the way it always has.

If you've saved the old RitterAssociates login page URL as a favorite, we encourage you to update it to this new login page. Note that using the old URL will redirect you to our new homepage.

*Since 1974, we’ve been leaders in customer experience measurement. Our new name reflects both that heritage and the continued expansion in our capabilities, meeting the needs of today’s clients with advanced customer and operational insight products that are powerful, mobile-ready, and that get results.