Operational Excellence 

– “The foundation on which Customer Satisfaction and Great Customer Experiences are built”

Mystery Shopping

“Send qualified shoppers on-site to report on operational factors like cleanliness, customer service, merchandise availability, and product quality”

Phone Mystery Shops

“Evaluate the customer experience your front-line employees create when customers call”

Compliance and Quality Audits

“Protect your brand with facility, compliance and quality audits”

Employee Feedback

“Insight into your staff’s level of engagement and buy-in regarding current training materials and practices”

POP Audits/Installs

“Make sure your investment in POP materials is reaching its full potential in the field”

Audit Management System AMSTM

“Give your organization access to Alta360 Research’s advanced data capture and reporting tools for internal audit programs”

Field Event Staffing

“Deploy our qualified, independent contractors to complete field work like awarding gift cards or handing out promotional materials, ”

Research Panelist Program RPPTM

“Increase the ROI of a Customer Satisfaction Survey using our RPPTM enhancement to create a research panel of your own customers”


Customer Satisfaction

– “Understand your customer and their motivations”

Customer Satisfaction Surveys (phone/online)

“Understand your customer and their motivations, and focus your resources to best effect”

Customer Intercepts

“Query customers near the point of transaction to collect customer experience data with added demographic, product or behavioral focus”

Customer ContactTM

“Use the Alta360 Research outbound Contact Center to follow-up with your customers about specific events or experiences related to your company”

Customer Recovery

“Turn a Customer Satisfaction Survey into a powerful customer recovery tool with our Contact Center customer recovery enhancement”


Competitive Intelligence

– “On-the-ground intelligence about your competition”

Competitor Mystery Shops (on-site/phone/online)

– “Understand the competition, identify and fend off competitive threats, and seize opportunities where the data shows you hold a competitive advantage”

Competitor Pricing Audits

– “Monitor the pricing trends of local, regional or national competitors and make strategic pricing decisions”


Reporting & Analytics

– “Advanced reporting and analysis for data-driven decisions”

Celestial Reporting & AnalyticsTM 

– “Advanced, mobile-friendly reporting and analysis for your customer and operational insight data”

Custom Analytics

– “Uncover advanced insights and strategic indicators that have heretofore been hidden in your data”


Feedback & Education

– “Take action with knowledge, motivation, and education for your team”


– “A survey enhancement that creates an effective motivational and problem-solving tool for your store level personnel”


“Video and e-learning content created and deployed for your internal training and educational needs”


“Triggered by survey scores, a streamlined, easy-to-manage action plan tool featuring automated notifications, reminders and progress monitoring”