Alta360 Research crafts instructional content that enables the completion of thousands of successful site visits each month.  With AltaTrainingTM, you can access that same expertise for your internal educational and training needs.


  • Customized to the needs, brand image and culture of your company
  • Relay important company information in a uniform, effective way
  • All materials controlled and approved by you
  • Engaging, professional content from experts in instructional media


  • Increase employee understanding and buy-in for things like new 
    operational procedures, mystery shop programs, customer service 
    requirements, or company policy
  • Information is relayed to its target audience accurately; free from 
    misinterpretation or editorializing by store or field management


Alta360 Research completes thousands of mystery shops and site audits for our clients each month. This process could not happen successfully without our ability to create effective instructional resources for the Independent Contractors who complete our field work. With AltaTrainingTM, you can now access this same expertise for your own organization’s educational and training needs.

Whether rolling out new operational procedures for front line employees or explaining benefit plans and enrollment requirements, Alta360 Research can provide customized video and e-learning content that’s informative, engaging and cost-effective. Contact us for a demonstration.

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