Audit Management System (AMS)

OverviewAudit Management System (AMS)

AMS is a unique product that gives your organization access to Alta360 Researchs advanced data capture and reporting technologies for internal audit needs.


  • Embedded photos and geo-tagging of audit data
  • Access results 24/7
  • Qualitative (open comments) option
  • Celestial Reporting & AnalyticsTM
    • Custom reporting options
    • ActionManagementTM - Action Plan Dashboard
    • AltaFeedbackTM - Active Feedback based on results
    • Automated notification of +/- scores
    • Control what information is available to users


  • Increase the integrity of your internal audit data
  • Immediate feedback
  • Actionable data
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Analysis and continual performance tracking/evaluation
  • Evaluate effectiveness of current training initiatives


The Audit Management System (AMS) gives your field personnel access to Alta360 Research’s advanced data capture technologies for completing inventory checks, location reviews and other types of internal audits. 

With AMS, your team uses their Android, iOS or Windows mobile device to answer audit questions and collect and submit audit data. This not only increases efficiency, it provides you with instant feedback regarding the status of your locations. And with the power of the Celestial Reporting & AnalyticsTM platform, you can analyze AMS data, run reports and easily track and compare results over time or between business units.

Download the product information on this page in PDF format.

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