Protect your brand with Alta360 Research facility, compliance and quality Audits. From quality-assurance food audits to verification that age-restricted products are sold responsibly , Alta360 Research Audits provide an in-depth look, including photographic documentation, at what is occurring in the field.  


  • Highly qualified, knowledgeable, professional Independent Contractor Evaluators
  • Digital Photos
  • Experienced in a wide array of audit programs, including Food Quality &
    Temperatures, Alcohol/Tobacco Compliance, De-branding Compliance,
    Display Audits, etc.
  • Celestial Reporting & AnalyticsTM
    • Client branded
    • Custom reporting options
    • ActionManagementTM - Action Plan Dashboard
    • AltaFeedbackTM - Active Feedback based on results
    • Automated notification of +/- scores
    • Control what information is available to users


  • Can provide compliance Evaluators meeting specific demographic profiles
  • Visual confirmation of conditions on-site
  • Audit programs customized to meet any need
  • Push notifications, action plans and corrective action services ensure management has the visibility and tools they need to make results actionable 


Alta360 Research’s nationwide team of professional Independent Contractor Evaluators complete thousands of on-site compliance and quality audits each year. From auditing compliance with ADA regulations to checking food/beverage temperatures and quality, we have the experience to meet your on-site audit needs—no matter the category or industry.

Independent Contractor Evaluators have access to online client-based tutorials and must meet client standards for understanding the specifics of each audit that are established by you, our client. Depending on the goals of the audit program, our Independent Contractor Evaluators can work in secret or can announce their presence and produce the authorization needed to access, photograph and audit operational factors or employee-only areas that are beyond the purview of an ordinary customer.

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