Competitor Mystery Shops

OverviewCompetitor Mystery Shops

Alta360 Research Competitor Shops allow you to get an inside look” and benchmark your customer service and operational standards against competitors or category leaders. 


  • Client-Specific Training & Customized Survey Forms
  • On-site, Web, and Phone options
  • Celestial Reporting & AnalyticsTM
    • Client Branded
    • Custom reporting options
    • Control what information is accessed by users.
  • Measure Competitors against your own customer service and operational standards
  • Competitor Pricing Information
  • Focus on specific competitors, or competitors within a particular market or region


  • Know where you rank in your industry and why consumers may choose a competitor
  • Identify and monitor operational changes or pricing trends that may pose a competitive threat
  • Benchmark against market leaders or regional competitors and learn what is required to get or stay ahead of the competition


Offering data collection through onsite, web, and phone evaluations, Alta360 Research competitive intelligence programs are designed to help our clients gauge where they rank in key customer loyalty areas vs. top competitors, and gain the competitive advantage needed to increase profits.

Examples of target areas for Competitive Intelligence include mystery shopping a competitor against your organization’s customer service standards, evaluating competitor performance in areas such as cleanliness and condition of facilities, product displays, and public areas, and gathering competitor pricing data.

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