Customer Contact

OverviewCustomer Contact

Deployed through our own call center, Customer ContactTM targets customers for a follow-up survey relating to specific events or actions.


  • Customer ContactTM experts, acting on your behalf, contact customers 
    to collect customer experience data
  • Option to digitally record all interactions
  • Celestial Reporting & AnalyticsTM
    • Custom reporting options
    • Mobile-ready reporting
    • Qualitative (open ended) comments option
    • Guest Loyalty Index (GLI) report to measure brand advocates vs.
    • Control what information is viewable per user
  • Reward customers for participation 


  • Supplies highly-specific customer experience data that may be difficult
    to collect through other methods
  • Provides you with an impartial, outside resource for monitoring the
    performance of your internal customer support systems and personnel


Alta360 Research’s Customer ContactTM utilizes our outbound contact center to actively research the customer experience relative to a specific event or activity. Examples include contacting customers who have submitted a complaint through your internal customer hotline to measure their satisfaction with the process, or contacting customers who have received an in-home product delivery to verify that delivery personnel followed important safety and customer service procedures.

Particularly well suited for those occasions when the survey target group is too small or too specific to provide meaningful data through purely voluntary means, Customer ContactTM is proactive customer research that gets results.

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