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Investing in customer recovery is a smart solution, but most organizations dont have the resources to attend to this critical function in an organized, effective way. Thats where Alta360 Research Customer Recovery steps in. Using protocols youve approved and acting on your behalf, Alta360 Research Customer ContactTM experts follow-up with dissatisfied customers to quickly get them back on your side.


  • 100% US-based recovery agents working on your behalf from our own
    outbound contact center
  • Option to digitally record interactions with audio file attached to each
    completed interview form
  • Notification and escalation to your team when a customer issue warrants
  • Recovery data posts to the Celestial Reporting & AnalyticsTM  platform 
    • Client branded
    • Tracking and reporting of issues, response times, and resolution status
    • Control what information is accessed by users


  • Relieves your staff from dealing with everyday customer recovery tasks
  • Lessens motivation for a disillusioned or angry customer to take to social
    media and detract from your brand
  • Often, the act of customer recovery can turn a dissatisfied customer into
    a promoter of your brand
  • Ability to report on and track customer issues to see how they may 
    correlate to changes in operational policies, pricing, staff levels, etc.


Offered as an enhancement to a Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS), Alta360 Research Customer Recovery services are automatically triggered when a CSS is returned with answers or score data that fail to meet score thresholds you specify.

Once triggered, our 100% US-based Customer Recovery experts go into action on your behalf, immediately following up with dissatisfied customers using the responses and incentives you’ve approved, to quickly get them back on your side.

With your input, Alta360 Research will also set up a notification and escalation protocol to alert your team and bring them into the recovery process when a customer issue truly warrants their attention.

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