Customer Satisfaction Surveys


When you understand your customer and their motivations, you can focus operational and managerial resources for best effect now and in the future. With online, phone, and mobile options, Alta360 Research Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSS) give you that understanding. 


  • Submit online (mobile-ready) or through phone
    • Completely scalable with unlimited web responses for a flat fee
  • Intercept and Panel CSS options available
  • Qualitative (open ended) response option
  • Celestial Reporting & AnalyticsTM  
    • Instant access to survey data and recorded comments, 24/7
    • Custom branding and reporting options
    • ActionManagementTM - Action Plan Dashboard
    • Automated notifications of +/- scores
    • Guest Loyalty Index (GLI) analysis


  • Immediate, actionable customer feedback
  • Analysis and continual evaluation of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Evaluate effectiveness of current training initiatives
  • Understand overall satisfaction as it relates to brand perception and loyalty
  • Understand customer perception of products, service and facility
  • Drive repeat business and build a custom research panel for future use


Hear what your customers are saying through our online (IWR*) and phone (IVR**) customer survey tools. Mobile ready and convenient for your customers, our CSS programs provide you with timely customer feedback near the point of experience. And with instant alerts for low or high scores and comprehensive reporting options, your organization is able to adjust quickly to real-time customer feedback in order to increase customer satisfaction and revenue. 

Running a CSS program is always a smart choice, but it can have even more impact when combined with objective data collected through Mystery Shopping. CSS results discover exactly what is needed to strengthen attachment to your brand; Mystery Shopping verifies that those service or operational standards are being implemented.

Alta360 Research can enhance your CSS programs by offering survey incentives/rewards that build repeat business and by inviting respondents to opt-in for future survey opportunities. This future survey opt-in, known as our Research Panelist Program (RPPTM), is a smart way to build a custom research panel of your own customers, ready to be queried at your convenience.

*Interactive Web Response
**Interactive Voice Response

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