Employee Feedback

OverviewEmployee Feedback

Deployed online and mobile friendly, our Employee Feedback surveys examine your staff's level of buy-in regarding corporate training practices and materials, and show you where improvements or a new approach might be needed. We can also query your team about important issues such as management communication, benefits, or concerns relating to ethics issues.


  • Employee Loyalty Index (ELI)
  • Instant access to data and employee comments
  • Deployed online and mobile friendly
  • Unlimited survey response counts for a flat fee
  • Celestial Reporting & AnalyticsTM  
    • Client branded
    • Custom reporting options
    • Automated alerts triggered by answers to key questions (e.g. ethics related)


  • Employee feedback that’s timely and actionable
  • Help build employee buy-in by showing you value their opinions
  • Evaluate effectiveness of current training or communication initiatives
  • Identify weaknesses in employee expectations, company mission and image
  • Track employee morale and identify and address concerns before
    they become large problems


With Alta360 Research Employee Feedback services, you have the ability to poll your team at any given time on important issues such as management communication, training, compensation, health insurance benefits, or concerns relating to ethics issues, whether witnessed or personally experienced.

Because our surveys are offered online and optimized for access by a mobile device, employees can submit them conveniently and can have the anonymity they desire to freely respond, giving you true insight into your company’s culture and the thoughts and opinions of your team.

This online format also allows you to have instant access to feedback data and gives you the reporting options you need to identify potential issues before they grow into large, morale-damaging problems.

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